Floor cleaning as a preventive measure against slips and falls

François Quirion / QInc

In Québec, falls due to slipping represent 5.6% of occupational accidents. Annually, they result in more than 53,000 weeks of absence and payouts exceeding $25 million.

This project is based on a series of prior activities, carried out in collaboration with users, manufacturers and the CSST. It consists of five aspects for study: aquaplaning characterizing the slipperiness of wet floors; the regeneration of deeply soiled porous floors; optimum maintenance for reducing slipping and aquaplaning in the presence of food grease; maintenance of floors exposed to chemical contaminants; and maintenance of floors coated in acrylic.

The result will be the development of a method for determining the resistance of floors to aquaplaning and the appropriate parameters, as well as the creation of information tools containing all of the relevant results. By contributing to user training, the knowledge thus produced will be useful for reducing falls from slipping in target workplaces.


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