Professional water removal to Prevent Illness

Professional water removal is just a phone call away if you have experienced water damage from the recent storms. When you call Helpro for professional water removal, you can be assured that the licensed professionals will take care of the problem with high capacity water removal whether it’s your basement that is flooded, or your entire home.

If you have standing water in your home or office building, it’s not just the structure that will be affected. Stagnant water can also cause severe illness.

Waterborne disease is spread through contaminated groundwater and can cause serious illness, which could be fatal. Dengue and malaria, carried by mosquitoes that are attracted to standing water, are just two of the diseases that can be transmitted through contaminated water.

After severe rainstorms, the ground isn’t able to absorb the precipitation; the same can be said for your lawn and roads because of an inadequate draining system. Cities may have problems with sewer system infrastructure being unable to dissipate properly because of heavy rain.

Don’t let the heavy rain put a damper on your property. Call Helpro for a no obligation professional water removal quote. Your health and the health of your family and your employees could be at stake.

Call for a professional water removal Orlando quote today.

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