Controlling Pet Odors in the Home!

We can’t imagine our lives without our pets, but the whole house shouldn’t smell like pet odors. Your visitors will notice odors even if you’ve grown accustomed to them.

pet odors - image shows two golden retrievers splashing in a lake

Here are some suggestions for keeping pet odors at bay:

  • Bathe your pet regularly! Use a gentle soap. Avoid getting shampoo in your pet’s eyes and ears.
  • Wash your pet’s bed! Wash as normal, then tumble dry to remove lint and excess pet hair. Baking soda in the wash will help eliminate odors as well.
  • Use an air purifier! A purifier with a HEPA filter will capture pet dander and fur so it doesn’t all wind up in your carpet.

A professional carpet cleaning is a great way to eliminate pet odors and make your home smell fresh again by removing pet hair, dander, and stains.

Contact an Orlando certified carpet cleaning company today and get rid of pet smells, not your pet!

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