Maintaining your Car Upholstery

Maintaining your car upholstery and keeping it clean and fresh can help you hold the value of your vehicle. Below are a few things you can do to maintain your vehicle upholstery.


Your vacuum is the best tool when it comes to maintaining the upholstery in your vehicle. Not only does vacuuming remove the debris and dirt from your floors and floor mats, but vacuuming is also a great way to keep your upholstery clean. Help Pro US recommends that you use a high-powered vacuum with attachments and a hose that can get into the crevices. Make sure you remove your floor mats before vacuuming and give them a good shake.

Fabric Upholstery

Vacuuming is awesome when it comes to maintaining your car upholstery. However, to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated on your seats use an upholstery or carpet cleaner. Ask Pro Help about coming out to clean your car, truck or SUV upholstery. Pro Help US can even clean the upholstery in your 5th wheel or motor home.

If you want to maintain your car upholstery at home, use a good carpet and seat cleaner that is specially made for car fabric upholstery. Do a spot test before you begin. Cleaners that are formulated to clean deep will not add moisture, which promotes mold growth.

Leather Upholstery

Keep leather seats from cracking by cleaning regularly with a special leather cleaner. Keeping your leather car upholstery clean will keep the resale value as well. Any surface dirt can be vacuumed before applying a deep cleaning leather cleaner. Your owner’s manual probably has recommended leather cleaner as well.

Maintaining your car upholstery is something that should be done at least once a month, or even more so if you spend a lot of time in your vehicle.

If you would like more information regarding maintaining your car upholstery, call or click and talk to the team from Help Pro US. They really do have the answers. Call or click now.

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