Why You Shouldn’t Put Carpet Cleaning on the Back Burner

Putting off carpet cleaning can damage your carpets. According to Helpro avoiding carpet cleaning can ground dirt and debris into the fibers of your flooring. Unless you have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year, even more so if you live in a large household or have guests over frequently, you are shortening the life of your expensive investment. New carpeting isn’t cheap and can be avoided if you take care of your deep pile shag or pricey wool carpeting.

How Often Should I Clean my Carpets?

Call Helpro who can determine how often you should schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning based on your needs. If you are a single person with no pets, you will not need to clean your carpets as often as a family of five with popular teenagers who are always entertaining. Helpro will give you a fair quote and calendar that can even include your annual holiday party. With Helpro, you can book your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning a couple of days, or the day after, your annual event. Ask Helpro how you can get on a regular professional carpet cleaning schedule that will take the guesswork out of cleaning your carpets. Especially if you have a hard time remembering your dental checkups.

Can Helpro Provide me with an All Flooring Solution?

Helpro can clean your tiles and make your grout look new again. Your tiles, hardwood floors, and carpeting will look fresh and vibrant with the carpet and floor cleaning solutions that are safe for your floors. Helpro can also provide you with upholstery cleaning saving you time and money. With Helpro, you can have everything done at once.

Carpet cleaning is a must. Without it, dust mites, fleas, dirt, dust, and human skin flakes will live in the fibers and in the upholstery. The best way to prevent infestation is to schedule regular carpet cleaning appointments with Helpro. Call and make your appointment today.

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