Upholstery Cleaning that is Second to None

Instead of new furniture, upholstery cleaning could be all you need to give your furniture a much-needed lift. With Helpro, you don’t have to go out and buy new furniture.

Helpro are the upholstery cleaning experts and will make sure that your expensive furniture is looked after with the best cleaning solutions on the market.

Helpro can restore you expensive furniture back to its original luster making it beautiful to look at and beautiful to experience. The upholstery services from Helpro are second to none and more affordable than you think.

Time will take away the beauty of your furniture. Let Helpro give it a facelift with upholstery cleaning services that are the best.

What to Expect from Helpro

Your furniture will be inspected before any cleaning treatment begins. Helpro wants to make sure that the solutions and cleaning products are suitable for your furniture.

After inspection, the technicians from Helpro will vacuum the furniture to remove all of the dry dirt. Once vacuumed a wet cleaner is applied to the upholstery. If your furniture is heavily soiled with oily spots, they will be pre-sprayed with a special cleaning agent.

After the solution is applied, the areas will be brushed to assure soil emulsification and proper penetration. This pulls the dirt from the furniture into the cleaners for removal. Once brushed down a high powered upholstery extractor will be used to remove moisture. Finally, your upholstery will be dried using air movers.

What Type of Furniture Does Helpro Work On?

Helpro works on all sorts of upholstery, including mattresses using the same process as upholstery cleaning. In a single appointment your leather sectional, microfiber couch, or favorite armchair will be cleaned by Helpro

Give your upholstery a face-lift and call Helpro for an upholstery cleaning appointment today. You won’t believe the difference. Call for an appointment today.

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