Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning services involve more than a vacuum cleaner, which only removes the dirt and dust that accumulates on top of the carpet. Rental carpet cleaning machines don’t have the power or extraction capacity to properly clean a heavily soiled carpet or rug. A commercial service employs specialized carpet cleaning equipment designed to provide a deep, long-lasting clean. Helpro is the most trusted company for a properly executed, good-looking professional carpet cleaning.

The most common service needed by commercial facilities is restorative maintenance. This becomes necessary when the carpet has reached a level of unacceptable appearance, with easily detectable traffic patterns and stains from sodas and soils.

The basic procedure consists of injecting a cleaning solution into the rug, agitating the fibers to release ground-in dirt and, finally, extracting the soils and fluids. This whole process is designed to remove the deeply embedded dirt and stains from the carpet, better than simply vacuuming the floor.

For optimal results, the process has been designed as follows:

1.) A qualified technician pre-treats the carpet by spraying it with a cleaning solution, letting it absorb into the carpet fibers.

2.) Trained operators employ equipment to pump hot water into the carpet and remove the dirty, soapy fluid with a high-powered extractor, with the help of a large wand.

3.) Water is heated to high temperatures for more effective cleaning. All of our cleaning technicians have received the proper training and education. At Helpro, we consider this to be the first, and most important step, in restoring the appearance and performance of your carpets to its maximum functionality.

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