March Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning can be a challenge! Here are some tips to keep your carpet in great shape between professional cleanings. Vacuuming twice a week will keep surface dirt from getting ground in, and it’s a great chore for the kids! When treating carpet stains, always blot the area to absorb as much of the stain as … Continued

Professional water removal to Prevent Illness

Professional water removal is just a phone call away if you have experienced water damage from the recent storms. When you call Helpro for professional water removal, you can be assured that the licensed professionals will take care of the problem with high capacity water removal whether it’s your basement that is flooded, or your … Continued

Professional Pressure Washer for Business

A professional pressure washer could be in order if you have just completed the renovations on your new business. If you depend on foot traffic for your restaurant, hotel, or gift store, the outside of your business needs to be clean and free from debris Letting dirt, grime, grease and other substances sit in your … Continued

Professional Upholstery Mattress Cleaning Orlando

Upholstery mattress cleaning in Orlando needs to be just that, professional, and if your Bed and Breakfast is suffering from guest complaints about your mattresses, it could have something to do with your professional upholstery mattress cleaning company. Whether you have a small B & B or a massive hotel in downtown Orlando, you need … Continued

Commercial Cleaning Company you Can Trust

Commercial cleaning companies need to be honest about their work, and if you are leaving your office to a commercial cleaning company that doesn’t seem to be doing anything, it’s time to call the professionals from Helpro for a commercial cleaning quote. Once you turn off the lights and head home for the day, it’s … Continued

Enjoy Your Weekend with a Professional Cleaner

A Professional cleaner in Orlando is essential if you are spending your two days off cleaning your home instead of enjoying the great outdoors. Hiring a professional cleaner is the best way to relax and enjoy your much-deserved weekend with friends, instead of your vacuum cleaner. Helpro are the cleaning experts and are licensed and … Continued

The Best Drapery Cleaning Orlando

Drapery cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, and if you think you don’t need drapery cleaning, think again. Just like the rest of your home, your window treatments should be cleaned regularly. Helpro, the professional commercial and residential cleaning experts recommend that you have professional drapery cleaning at least once a year to … Continued

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Professionals

Pet stain and odor removal from your furniture and carpets can be a real problem, and if you are one of those people who spend a fortune on carpet cleaning products and supplies because of your three dogs and two cats, you may want to call Helpro for a no obligation pet odor removal quote. … Continued

Restoring Old Hardwood Floors

Restoring old hardwood floors should be left to the professionals. Even if you have watched every how to video on the World Wide Web, restoring old hardwood floors could pose some problems. According to Helpro, a group of professionals who are dedicated to keeping your home clean, restoring old hardwood floors takes experience and expertise. … Continued

Floor cleaning as a preventive measure against slips and falls

François Quirion / QInc In Québec, falls due to slipping represent 5.6% of occupational accidents. Annually, they result in more than 53,000 weeks of absence and payouts exceeding $25 million. This project is based on a series of prior activities, carried out in collaboration with users, manufacturers and the CSST. It consists of five aspects … Continued