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April is Earth Month, and we wrapped up great with environmental sustainability in mind. Choosing the right carpet cleaning company is an important decision. Ideally, you want a professional company with years of experience in the field, but there are many companies out there who boast decades of cleaning experience. Which one should you trust with your carpeting? You cannot get the answers you need without knowing which questions to ask. An important one is how “green” your cleaning company is.

You’ll need to decide which cleaning method you prefer. Steam extraction and dry methods both have pros and cons, and some work better on some fibers than others. It is also recommended that you use a business that has been certified as industry professionals. Look for the IICRC seal in their advertisements.

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Another thing to consider is the kind of cleaning products the company uses. Harsh synthetic chemicals can actually harm your carpeting, not help it. Many carpet cleaning companies have moved to eco-friendly products. Not only do green cleaning products keep your carpet cleaner longer, they have minimal impact on the water table and the surrounding environment.

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