What is the method used for cleaning?

Helpro uses hot water extraction, also known as “steam cleaning.” Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as being the safest, deepest cleaning method possible. A special cleaning solution, in combination with hot water, is injected into the carpet. A powerful suction machine then extracts the dirt, water, and the cleaning solution. It also removes 96% of the moisture! This process allows us to remove even stubborn dirt gently.

How long will it take for my carpet to be cleaned?

It depends on the size of the area that needs to be cleaned and the overall condition of the carpet. However, on average, a house with four areas will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Drying time varies according to variable factors, such as airflow, humidity and the temperature of the area. The addition of air movers, fans, and air conditioning or heating can help accelerate the process. The carpet can be stepped on immediately after the extraction process is finished, but it will take between two to eight hours for it to dry completely. Walking on the carpet right away will not affect the drying time. Please avoid using any street shoes on recently cleaned carpet.

Do you move furniture?

We will move any furniture if it can be done safely. We do suggest that anything on top of the furnishings, such as books, pictures, or electronics be moved before our technicians arrive. We don’t charge extra for moving furniture, and we will move it back to its original place once we have finished cleaning.

How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

We are not happy until you are. We will gladly correct any situation that is not up to your standards.

Do you guarantee the removal of all spots and stains?

We do our best to remove all spots and stains but, unfortunately, some spots and stains are permanent. Our technicians will do their best to determine which spots and stains are permanent before the cleaning process begins, but there is no guarantee. You will only be charged for the stains that are removed.

How do I maintain my carpet after it's been cleaned?

The best way to maintain the quality of your freshly cleaned carpet is by vacuuming it frequently and not stepping on it with street shoes.

How often should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?

It depends on how heavy the foot traffic is on the area in question, but we recommend a professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. The hot water extraction eliminates dirt and residue while enhancing a clean smell.

Why is it important to have my carpet professionally cleaned?

A professional carpet cleaning is good for your health! It improves the air quality in your home by removing dirt, residue, allergens, and pet dander. These things get kicked up into the air as you walk, and you end up breathing them. A regular professional carpet cleaning keeps those contaminants to a minimum. It also keeps your carpeted areas looking clean and gorgeous. The effects are positive all the way around!

Does having my carpet professionally cleaned help remove bad odors?

Absolutely! The process itself leaves the area with a fresh clean smell. On top of that, your Helpro technician will give you complimentary deodorizer to allow our customers to experience the fresher side of clean. With just a little maintenance in between professional cleanings, your rooms will smell fresh and clean for a long time.