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Proper tile and grout cleaning is a procedure that can be difficult for the do-it- yourselfer. Different chemicals react different ways according to the type of surface, and one can simply accidentally mar the flooring they were hoping to restore. Avoid that by using the trained technicians at Helpro. Professional tile and grout cleaning is recommended for floor coverings that have a heavy build-up of greasy or oily soils, when a floor has not been maintained on a regular basis, or when more than basic routine cleaning is required.


1.) Floor Identification: A process which can be done by visual inspection, chemical testing, or a scratch test. This step is particularly important when doing restorative cleaning, since each flooring type may call for different chemicals, brushes, and equipment.

2.) Pre-Inspection: This step determines any pre-existing physical damage, types of soils and stains, type of tile, original color of grout, presence of wax or sealer, efflorescence (a white deposit consisting of gypsum, salt or calcite), and the floor’s potential for color sealing.


1.) Helpro technicians remove the furniture from the area to be cleaned, then remove dry surface soil by sweeping or vacuuming.

2.) Customer possessions are protected by covering cabinets, carpets, walls, and painted surfaces from spray with dropcloths and plastic.

3.) Once the flooring is identified, our technicians apply the appropriate type of cleaning chemical. On
tile surfaces, they spray the cleansing chemicals evenly over tile and grout lines, allowing it to pool in the lines.

4.) The chemicals must remain on the surface of the flooring for a period known as “dwell time.” This
gives the chemicals enough time to remove the dirt and grime driven into the surface. The dirtier the
floor, the longer dwell time the chemicals may not. Grout lines may need to be agitated with a grout

5.) Chemicals are agitated into the floor to facilitate cleaning using a rotating floor machine connected
to an extractor. The equipment lays down a high-pressure spray to agitate and rinse the floor while
simultaneously vacuuming the cleaning solution, taking it away from the surface. Drying may be accelerated with the use of air movers. Helpro also offers floor sealing, using either water or solvent based sealants.

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