Your furniture is one of the greatest and most important investments you can make. Time can wear away the initial beauty of your furnishings, but Helpro’s upholstery cleaning services can restore it, making it as gorgeous and sumptuous as it was when you first purchased it.

We pre-inspect your upholstery carefully before beginning any cleaning procedure.

The process begins by thoroughly vacuuming the surface to remove all the dry dirt before any wet cleaner is applied.

If the furniture has heavily soiled areas, especially oily spots, we pre-spray those areas with the appropriate chemical cleaning agent.

Then, we lightly brush those areas with a soft furniture cleaning brush to assure proper penetration and soil emulsification, pulling the dirt from the upholstery and into the cleaning agent, where it can be removed easily. We brush the areas thoroughly, paying particular attention to places where moisture could be trapped, such as button indentations and around cording.

With a high-powered extractor, we remove as moisture as possible from these areas. After that, the drying process begins, which may involve the usage of air movers.

The same process is used to clean mattresses, removing stains and restoring a fresh, pleasant smell.

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To invest in cleanliness is to invest in your health.

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